About me

Spanish translator and author passionate about literature.

Born and currently living in Galicia, in Northern Spain, I've moved around a lot (including stays in the UK, India and several regions of Spain, as well as travels across four continents). At my last year in High School I decided I wanted to be an interpreter and travel all around the world, so I chose to go to University of Vigo, where I studied Translation and Interpreting. Now I've been a freelance translator for 19 years and I hardly ever leave my home office. So much for career planning!

For twelve years, my main fields of work were technical and scientific translations, but since 2013, I've specialized in literary translation.

Also, I have published a children's novel that is on its second edition, with some 5000 copies sold. I'm currently working on the second part. I have also published several stories in digital media. Learn more about it at Me as an Author.

Other relevant data

  • Coordinator of the Narón's Public Library's Book Club (since 2017)
  • Mentor in Asetrad's Mentoring Program in 2018-2019 and 2019-2020.
  • Tutor in Asetrad's Internship Program in 2016-2017.
  • Finalist of the X Esther Benítez Award for the translation of La constelación del Perro, by Peter Heller (with Marc Jiménez Buzzi).

  • Former columnist and editor in chief of the on-line translation magazine La linterna del traductor. Former columnist for Intercambios, the ATA Spanish Division's bulletin.

  • Member of the managing board of Agpti (Galician Association of Professionals of Translation and Interpretation) from its establishment until 2007.

  • Volunteer worker for Implicadas No Desenvolvemento, a Spanish NGO, for twelve years. During my experience in Implicadas, I was Secretary and Volunteer Coordinator and Coordinator of the Translation Team, among other positions.

  • I have given several speeches, taught training courses and participated in round tables about translation, in several Spanish universities, as well as congresses, and through professional associations, such as Asetrad, ACE traductores and Agpti.

Fields of expertise

Technical translations

Transcreation and copywriting
Feminism and gender studies
Development and NGOs

Literary translations

Published translations

  • Por qué las mujeres disfrutan más del sexo bajo el socialismo. Y otros argumentos a favor de la independencia económica, by Kirsten Ghodsee (Capitán Swing)
  • Las zapatillas de la abuela, a story by Sarah Pinborough published in the anthology Excelsius (Celsius 232 Festival)
  • Bel dame apócrifa 01: La guerra de Dios, by Kameron Hurley, (Editorial Cerbero)
  • Un cálido escalofrío, by LJ Salart, (El astronauta imposible)
  • La milla perfecta, by Neal Bascomb (Melusina)
  • El baile del ahorcado, by Anna Day (Molino)
  • El archivo de atrocidades, by Charles Stross (Insólita Editorial)
  • Un largo camino a casa, by Saroo Brierley (Ediciones Península)
  • A su manera, by Alan Friedman (Ediciones Península)
  • Un outsider hacia la Casa Blanca, by Bernie Sanders con Huck Gutman (Foca)
  • La constelación del perro, by Peter Heller (Blackie Books)
  • El extraño caso del Dr. Jekyll y Mr. Hyde, by Robert L. Stevenson (RBA)
  • El corazón de las tinieblas, by Joseph Conrad (RBA libros)
  • Aprendizaje y mente animal: El adiestramiento con clicker y lo que nos enseña sobre los animales, by Karen Pryor (KNS ediciones)
  • África, las maravillas de un continente asombroso, de Gill Davies (Parragón)
  • Hermanos Marx. Movie Icons, by Douglas Keesey (Taschen)
  • Greta Garbo. Movie Icons, by David Robinson (Taschen)
  • James Dean. Movie Icons, by F.X. Feeney and Paul Duncan (Taschen)


Pending translations

  • Baxter, by Ken Greenhall (La biblioteca de Carfax)

Other skills

Interpretation (consecutive, escort)

Work Experience

Freelance translator


I have been working as a freelancer for different direct publishers, companies and translation agencies since 2001. Among other important companies, I have translated (either directly or though an agency) forMail Boxes Etc., Lowes, Pennzoil, McKesson, Pfizer, Bayer, Inktomi, Kodak, Marlboro, Navigator, University of A Coruña, Tyco, ADT fire & security, TripAdvisor, Travelodge, Turisme de Catalunya, Renfe, Fórum Barcelona 2004, Hasbro, Universia, Genentech Spain, F-Secure, Amdocs, Nokia, Ameriphone, Siemens Brazil, Alcatel or Verizon.

books and glasses


Native languages

  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Galician

Foreign or non-native languages

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Catalan

I translate from a foreign language into a native language or between my native languages.

Samples of my work




info [at] blanca-rodriguez.com

blanca.rguez [at] gmail.com

Me as an author


On March 2003, Las aventuras de Undine. La gran tormenta, my first children's novel (in Spanish) was published by Bambú, a Spanish publisher belonging to the renowned group Casals, within its collection Jovenes lectores (Young Readers). The book is in its second edition and has sold over 5000 copies so far. It is a 200-page book full of adventures, fantasy and values for children between 9 and 11 years old. I am currently editing the second part: Las aventuras de Undine. El misterio de los brĂºmidos.

The first chapter can be read here.

Some reviews about the book (in Spanish only):

The wonderful illustrations are by Galician artist Cristal Reza.


Short stories

As well as my children's books, I have published several short stories in magazines such as Supersonic or La Linterna del Traductor and on-line portals, such as Origen Cuántico, as well as Cerbero Publishing House.



  • Ramon Muntaner Prize of short narrative in Catalan for the short story Una llum al puig. Prize granted by the Autonomic Government of the Balearic Islands (1994).